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Incest preteen photos

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Related post: Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 08:39:20 EDT From: BoyNfla941aol.com Subject: preteen video 3d Reality CheckUp Part 5You may read this story, and others, authored by marcus; at _http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flaboy941_ (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flaboy941) Your profile must preteen slave galleries contain your age, in order to access the groupAnd now back to the story...... I was amazed that I had been fashion toplist preteen able to keep my ability to hear for so long. I wouldn't complain, mind you, if I was to keep my hearing all the time, BUT.. Back into my room we went, me walking `normal' as Cody sweet preteen video held my leash. I could feel the chill of underground preteen sex air coming from the air conditioning vents as we passed under them. Had Cody even forgot to connect my preteen sex thumb piss tube to my mouth? I continued down the carpeted floor just following along like a trained dog. I listened as Cody was talking about "this and that". The door to my room opened and the coolness of the hallway faded fast as went entered the warm room. "Before I continue, I want you to know that I care a lot for you and about you. I am trained to do what I am told to do, and I do it out of love and respect for our Master. So if you are ever upset with me, I shall understand, just as I hope you understand". Cody continued " I have to prepare you now for the rest of the afternoon, so that I can get nn models preteen my other chores done, start the dinner meal and allow you time to adjust. When Master returns to you, you shall experience more than you can imagine and I will be holding your hand, as I did last night. Just remember to use what senses you have left and learn from the teaching of our Master". With that, the earplugs were put back, He led me over not to the incest preteen photos table, as I had expected, but to an area that seemed preteen nude to have straps on the floor. He maneuvered my body so that I was laying flat on the cool floor. I could feel the strapping underneath me. Again, my wrist and ankles terra preteen nude were attached to what must have been chains from the lia preteen portal ceiling. My entire body was being hoisted right off the fucking floor. The straps that were beneath me were coming up with my body. Which now I know was to support my sexy preteen tgp torso. I only felt two straps. One on the upper part of my chest and the other supporting my lower back. Now I really did feel exposed. Very little of my body was not showing. When the body stopped the accent from the floor, I was more stretched than when I was on the table. My arms were pulled wide and up and my legs were pulled preteen naked breasts preteen pussy masturbating to what I would call the split position. Wide enough so that my legs were black preteens hot not being stuck by nude ilegal preteens the asian preteen boy spikes from the cinch ring. Then Cody raised the legs higher. This really put a preteens sexy photos strain on my leg muscles and I started to flinch quite abit. Cody senses the strain and massages my legs free preteen thumb until the cramps diminish. I was thankful that the damn butt plug wasn't rubbing into my skin horny asian preteens as well. Cody gave me a short drink of water through my mouth gag just before he connected the piss tube. I instantly got a mouth full of cooled down piss. I had forgotten that he had been collecting my piss while we were outside. I didn' t mind. I knew it was my responsibility to swallow all the piss required of me. With the bag empty, he connected the tubing in the `normal' fashion so that I would not go thirsty. He put his hands on photos girls preteen either side of my face, holding me ever so tpg preteen bbs gently then he gave me a peck on the cheek. Then out of the blue Cody went and gave each of my nuts a wonderful moist kiss. Now what was that all about? Yikes. I could feel preteen loltas Cody attaching something to my collar. I soon discovered that I had a chain on each side of my neck, which was then attached to the ceiling so that my head had ample support. Mind you, I didn't say comfortable. I could tell by movement that Cody had returned to my nuts. He attached a chain to each nut ring. Then each nut ring was pulled up and back, towards my head. I was screaming and twisting so much that I was hoping I would tear myself loose from this hell. Tears were flowing from my eyes so fast that they were escaping the confines of the blindfold. Cody came forward and love preteen tgp kissed the tears from my face. I sensed he was sorry for having to cause such pain. I could feel some of the cinch ring spikes biting into my skin. Cody must of seen this too, but there was nothing he could, or would, do. I nudist preteen link settled back down to tolerate the pain without flinching and screaming, as my chest and shoulders were being massaged. Pain and pleasure at the same time 100preteen is hard to describe, your best bet is to experience that for yourself.  I felt piss entering my mouth so that took a bit preteen play kitty of concentration, which in turn mentally reduced some of the pain imagevenue nude preteens in my nuts. Nothing was happening preteen sex gallaries now. I guessed preteen gallery posts that Cody had left my room and was going about his chores. I was tired and a stephy preteen model little hungry but the tired won out over hunger petites preteens images and I fell off into a nice sleep. I didn't dream about my past life at all. I don't think I dreamt about the events preteen asian ******** of this day. I dreamt about more of my wants, needs and desires. Now to some folks, that may seem weird; but you haven't walked in my shoes yet (have you) . The now familiar cool air stirred me awake. How long had I slept? Who was here? Was it the young preteens nymphette Master and Cody? I knew the answer to my own question. Master and Cody were both here. I could preteen samples movies tell by preteen mmodels the different textures of all the pert preteen hands on my body that both were here. That feeling lasted all of a minute. Before I knew it, preteen illigal sites clothespins were being attached to the underside of my arms; from the wrists down. And when each had gotten down to my illegal smal preteen adolescent preteen nudes armpits I really let out the screams when the clothespins were attached. Holy Shit, Batman! Did I think they were done? Yes. Were they done? No. They both continued with the clothespins until there were two perfect lines going from the armpits to my hipbone. Once that was completed, I was allowed a brief moment to preteen fuck picks recuperate. Wishful thinking if you thought they were finished with this torment. Even I didn't think they would do much more. Wrong. Next I latin preteen gallery felt them attach clothespins to my ears. Every bit of the edges was covered preteen samples gallery with the fucking things. With free preteens mpeg that done, I felt them handling my large dangling earrings. They had attached heavy weights to the already heavy earrings and gently let the weights preteen pussy index down until I thought my ears would be pulled off. Were they having fun yet? I guess they were. They weren 't even near being finished. They pulled my upper and lower lips away from the piss gag and attached more of the 13yo preteen model fucking things. I wasn't sure how much more I could take, but I vowed to do my very best, so Master would be pleased and proud. I was once again preteen modle tgp given a brief moment to gather myself together and `relax'. Right , sure, believe me when I say , " no fucking way". I was beginning to think that they had more clothespins with them, than Florida had registered Democrats. Next assault came upon my chest. From underneath the gigantic nipple rings in a V shaped pattern down to my navel. Then came a row of clothespins that outlined my collarbone. I knew that Master had a certain amount of "sadist" in him, but I was fellatio pre teen getting nervous as to just how much. Then next attack came to the skin between each stretched preteen virgin porno of my outstretched nuts. For a fleeting moment I wondered where on the questionnaire it asked if I like this sort of torture. From there they moved to my `thing'. youtube molested preteen A row on each side (how fucking cute is that ). Then a half moon design, which went from left to right, just under my belly button, to each hipbone. I was blessed with a long break here, hell, I even got the piss tube disconnected and a refreshing blast of cold beverage (Gatorade I think) came flooding into my mouth. I swallowed all of it with great thanks to Master, even though I couldn't express my thanks. During this loll I wondered if something such as a drug had been spiked with my drink. I didn't feel different, but was thinking of the previous night with the syringe preteen artistic photos and la la land. A row down the inside and outside of each of my legs completed their artwork. Thank God. What a rush that session was. I hadn't even thought of what it would all feel like when they took the damn things off my body. I don't think I was in a hurry to find out either. I was comforted with Master gently stories sex preteen rubbing the top of my smooth head. Then at the same time, someone was gently and lovingly japan preteen forum kissing the bottoms of my feet. It had to be Cody. This was the first time that preteen golden showers I my little preteens knew of that Cody was kissing any part of me with Master nearby. They then left me all to myself for a while. I'm not sure legal preteen nude if they went to eat or what, as I had rapidly begun to lose all track of time; and I realized now that I didn't care what time it was. Time no longer meant anything preteen foxy to me. For me to preteenmodels bikini know the time was not a normal thing for me. All I knew, was where japanese school preteen I was, what I was (or preteen bikini softcore was not) doing and who was teaching preteen cherry com and training me. Like a buzzer going off in my head, break time was over. I felt Cody remove the piss tube and mouth gag. Next thing I understood was mealtime. Lying there bound, plugged and full of clothespins I was going to eat. Hanging in air, I considered nn preteens ru how I was going to accomplish this task. The answer came easy. The sweet smell of food, albeit I couldn't see it, just to smell it was awesome. Cody had scooped some food onto his fingers and danish preteens put his fingers into my mouth. The blessed taste of potato, green beans and fish struck my taste buds like a raging wildfire. Every time Cody's fingers went in, I sucked them clean before he removed them. If I had sandra preteen pictures my sight, I would venture that Cody had a raging erection from all of the sucking I was doing shy preteen model to his fingers. Hell, by the time I was done eating, I sexy preteens movies realized that I was the one with an erection. It felt good, real good. By now I was learning to feel every little thing and I certainly could feel the blood running into and out of my thing. It is truly amazing how your body compensates itself foro nude preteen when it loses some of its senses. All the other senses seem to be on `high alert' or something. That done, I didn't want to even think of anything else except the great meal. I didn't feel that anything could unsettle me, at least for the rest of the night. Yep, you got that right. I was dead wrong. The mouth was plugged again and piss ukraine preteen toplist was flowing steadily. The next bit of excitement came when some fucking idiot was "fanning" the ends of clothespins. Fuck preteens video models that hurts, like serious hurt. As suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Truly my mind was not quite right yet being as I mentally called someone and idiot. But I was learning and learning fast. I lay there waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. It didn't take long. The base of the butt plug was being twisted around and around. Cody had my hand in his and I knew from that, that whatever was coming wasn't going to be easy. With one strong, swift and seemingly determined pull, the plug came out. tiny preteen ametures Air rushed in to replace the space once elwebbs ls preteen filled by the plug and my body shook briefly with shivers. Cody's thumb began to really massage the back of my hand. What ever was going to happen was going to happen preteens nymphets model now. Master was massaging my puffed hole with his russian cute preteens fingers ever so gently, causing my thing to continue its rage for release. I realized that fingers were entering my body through the gapping hole. Two, three and then four fingers where inside the body. All the stories I heard about such didn't compare to how great this feeling was. This continued on for what felt like eternity. Then, while mentally riding a cloud, reality brought me back down to earth. The hole was stretching even further than the previous plug. Master was fisting me, or attempting to. I didn't want to make not one sound with my mouth. I preteenmodels topless somehow willed the russian preteens artistic body to accept His fisting attempt. Like a wish coming true, preteen asian model the ass muscled relaxed a little more and with a mighty push, Master had his fist inside my body. The pain of final entry, struck my senses like a hot poker. My mind went back to an email Master had once sent to me. "Accept the pain. Pain is good. Pain is pleasure. porno preteen tgp Pain is normal. Pain is little preteens modles a gift." I think I was smiling on the inside. Normal body reactions to fisting and pain were taking place and I was sweating like an Atheist at a Catholic Mass. Where possible Cody was using his free hand and wiping away the dripping moisture. For some reason I didn't want any of this to end, none of it. Master had more than just His pre teen animae fist inside me. young preteen modles I knew that by the constant stretching and feeling of his hand deep within, twisting and turning ever so gently. Thank goodness he is a doctor and knows the preteen spring break body well. I was coming down from this `high' and felt Masters hand and forearm come out of my hole. How could any of this be happening? How could I be accepting all this? And this forbidden preteen portals was only my second day. preteen model olga Cody let go of my hand and then he must have been the one who was zep preteens wiping the excess lube off of my body. The frozen touch of more logs touch my now exposed and tender skin. I tried to escape this feeling but as such, preteen porn wmv I couldn't. I didn't even want to count how many logs were going in. I just figured it wasn't worth trying. What I didn't count on was a new even larger butt plug… Shit…… how big do they make these fucking things. Slowly the plug was going in. I knew it was Cody doing the pushing. I felt his lips give the bottom side of my thing a wonderful kiss as he was inserting the plug. When he got to the point of no return, he paused; then with one strong and forceful slam, the plug snapped into place. I couldn't take any more pain tonight and I found myself crying like a newborn baby. I just knew that Master was preteen porn kdz still in the room and Cody had to do as he was told, or get punished. I almost passed out, but failed. Or did something keep me from fainting. I wanted to be preteens interracial strong and brave for my Master and for Cody. The next moment, while I was still attempting to thrash about, both cumshots gay preteen Master and Cody removed every single clothespin from my body; starting with last asian pic preteen one on, was the first one off. By the time they got to the preteens masturbating ones on my wrist I was crying and pumping piss into my mouth by the quart. But my thing was rock hard. I must be losing my mind, was the only thing I could think of. A warm oil was applied from head to toe and the pain from the clothespins was gone almost instantly. I began to feel my body being lowered towards the ground. The movement stopped short of free teen preteen reaching the ground and japan preteen porno I felt what was a foam filled mattress touch cutest preteens juicy my back. Carefully they both detached me from the chains on the wrist and ankles. Then they removed the chains that were separating my nuts. That felt so good. To be `free' of these chains. The body lowered down more with only the two staps supporting me, until I reached the mattress completely. Then they removed the chains from my collar. I was exhausted. I felt a blast of cool air and knew that Master had left the room. I was alone with Cody as he washed my body again preteen tiny girls with that awful unscented soap. Cody must of known that I had been through a tough second day. He lingered with his cleaning of my body long enough to plant a few kisses here and there. Cody carefully moved my wrists and ankles so he could attach them to whatever was under this mattress. He took the piss tube out of my gag and I sucked in what I model preteens photo thought was tons and tons of air. Cody squeezed into my mouth some cool water cuttest preteens com and after less than a minute I knew something was in the water. I started to drift into a deep sleep, while Cody was stroking my chest. The pretten sexpreteen sex last thing I knew was the kiss from Cody. Night, sleep was here. Today was today and my mind didn't want to think about yesterday, today preteen in string and for sure not tomorrow. Just litte preteen models sleep. Deep sleep finger preteen without dreams.End of Part 5hope to see you join our small group
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